About us

History of our library go back to more than sixty years. Local Primary School officially was opened in 1949 in which from the 50th years was started the collection for the formation of school library. The collection began difficulty but so much bigger enthusiasm: in 1954 the school library contained from the collection that could be find in one of the classrooms in a locked cupboard. The librarian tasks were carried out by the school teacher.

Parallel to it the general education has been expanding more and more, was arisen serious demand for the library supply not only for local students but for every inhabitant in Sajókeresztúr. The Art Centre has been renewed in 1960th years, in that time has been operating even cinema in the building. In the back wing of the building got place Village Library which served more and more increasing community demands .Works of age popular authors (for example writings of Passuth László) and scientific-fantastic literature inspired mostly our enchanters but rich collection could be obtained within specialized books.

After the political transformation the building of previous part house has been fully renewed and reconstructed and the Village Library was moved here in the beginning of 90th. From few years the school and village library is operating under common supervision under the leading of Nándorné Girhiny.

In 2013 serious developments were realized with the European Union financial supporting in cultural supply providing infrastructure territory of Sajókeresztúr.

Under the number 107 Rákóczi Street (ex- school) building will be moved Community Arts Centre, Village and School Library. The building has been reconstructed comlettely internal and eternal in through 200-strong conference-room and Hugh-standard formed rooms are availabled for the local inhabitants of our village. Library’s instruments were increased considerably, we have obtained furnitures, computers and plenty of programs are provideded.

In 2011 althogether were 295 registered readings, this is 15 % of the whole polulaty of Sajókeresztúr, which is a very high data int he county. Most of our customs, almost third part is active ageed and youth (14-59 year), we supply dialy at least dosen visitor’s deminds. Our catalogue stock number in 2011 was 8561 books.

Our library closely cooperates with the local Primary School, is part of the curricural programme. Our task is education and usefull spendig of tehe lesiure time, closely cooperate with local teaching stuff, we realize students’ liberary using preparation. We regulary organize lesuire time activities, we form our servises suite to the local deminds. Our complex programme supplying could provide outstanding cultural and lesuire time activities for all people is Sajókeresztúr.